Who am I?


Programmer, data analyst, privacy and data protection advocate. Formerly – a journalist covering geopolitics and strategy matters. Coming from the background shaped by philosophy and software engineering.

Formerly also strategic advisor in political marketing, media and public relations.
I value open society and fair policies.

Find my comments on data protection, internet, digital ethics, technology and geopolitics here: @Apsalaar (English) and here: @GosiaFraser (Polish).
Feel free to send me an e-mail: malgorzata . fraser @ gmail . com


What do I do?


I develop and use own methods of data gathering and analysis based on my deep understanding of social sciences, psychology and mathematical skills accompanied by IT literacy.

I contribute as a public speaker and commentator regarding impact on society, ethics and politics caused by the rise of digital media and internet.

I work for various subjects as strategic advisor (reputation management) and data analyst.

I’m actively engaged in wide education and social awareness in the fields of data protection, privacy, public policies related to digital economy, society and digital rights.


Where are my interests?


Open internet and net neutrality problems. Digital rights and privacy. Artificial Intelligence development, related ethical questions. Geopolitics. Contemporary defence and intelligence issues.